Mentlegen members love to play Minecraft, we have a few servers running! We can't promise 24/7 uptime because these are hosted on our own hardware for shits 'n giggles. Windows needs updates, the hardware needs maintenance and sometimes we just experiment. Downtime usually happens on Sunday mornings.

Free for all - Vanilla

The basic server, free for everyone to join. There are some plugins to improve the quality of life and prevent griefing. Requirements are a vanilla client running version 1.15.2 at the moment.

Host is mentlegen.eu

FTB Ultimate Reloaded

This is a FTB server running with the Ultimate Reloaded modpack.

Host is mentlegen.eu:25567

Legacy creative - Vanilla

This is a closed server (whitelist), most people play as creative and build to their heart's content here.

Host is mentlegen.eu:25566